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    Firstly, every Andy’s employee adheres to the "spirit of craftsman", as the ideas of enterprise, attaching great importance to the details of each product and keeping improvements of the quality.

    1. To make perfection more perfect. Attention to the detail, pursuing the perfect and perfection, paying a lot of attentions and energy to products and improving product  over and over again.

    2. Rigorous and meticulous. Not opportunistic, ensuring best quality of each work piece, taking strict inspection standards for each product. During processing of products, Andy’s employee keeps well and takes care of every procedure, responsible for the customer, if the product not meeting requirement, our employee will not transfer this next step and will not deliver the product.

    3. Patience, focus and persistence. We continuously improve the competitiveness and service level of products. In the professional field, we never stop the pursuit of progress. We keep pace of the improvements in the materials, product design and processing and seek to meet or exceed the requirements from our customer.

    4. Professionalism and dedication. From the very beginning till the future, we focus only on the glass moulds, not setting foot in other fields. Through the hard efforts of a few generations, Andy Mould is creating the best products in the glass mould industry, which will not be unmatched by other competitors in this industry.

    Secondly, six Chinese characters of enterprise developing "innovation quality and safety”.

    1. One enterprise should undertake corresponding social responsibilities. At the same time, its more important task is to obtain   abundant economic benefit as much as possible in order to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise. In the   process of achieving this goal, scientific and technological innovation is being playing the important role of mainstay. Innovation, on the one hand, can improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reducing input. On the other hand, with the introduction of   advanced equipment and technology, innovation can reduce the production cost. Only with the innovation, the enterprise is able to obtain tickets of participating in market competition; only with the Innovation, the enterprise can have a winning magic   weapon; only with the innovation, the enterprise can have an inexhaustible power to realize the spanning development, quickly listing in the forefront of the industry development.

    2. The quality of product is the cornerstone of the brand value, which can reflect the enterprise's technology content and culture. No quality, no name brand. Paying attention to the quality of the products means more important significance and function   to Andy from the very starting stage of brand management. Only by constantly improving product quality and technological content, improving production technology, can the product quality succeed in meeting or exceeding requirements from customers,  which can ensure the market share stable and open up new market areas timely.

    3. Safe production is the important guarantee of enterprise development, which is also an important concept during our production and   business operation. Every enterprise is a cell of the society. As long as paying special attention to employee’s safety in production, can we make necessary part contribution to the stability of social environment, which can further create a better   development of environment to each one enterprise. As long as the enterprise ensures all aspects secure, can we achieve a harmonious, healthy and sustainable development.

    The Business Co-operation

    Andy Mould has won more and more supports and co-operations from customers, because Andy puts the value of “regarding quality as top seeking and pursuing the operation in honesty and credit” into practice. The year of 2015 saw a strategic and co-operative partnership relationship between Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery Co Ltd and Hebei Andy Mould Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery Co Ltd holds the chair of Vice-President in the China Glass Association and the China Light Industry Machinery Association, who is also the high and new technology enterprise in Shandong Province. For decades, Sanjin People frequently create good research, always focusing on glass machinery industry development, absorbing the core technology and new technology industry. This company has been one of international new-typed enterprise, which has combined the modernization, high-tech and innovation into one whole.

    Sanjin Group has been developing new various IS Machines by combining overseas advanced crafts & technology in this field. Andy mould is actively docking technical with Sanjin Group, We produce well the matching new glass moulds at the very first time, which can meet the needs of trial of IS machines and the requirements from customers. Both two parties are being unswervingly seeking the great endeavors and top-ranking in the serving glass industry.

    Attn:Mr. Zhang Tel:+86-317-8888061 fax:+86-317-8888560
    Website:www.kentinew.com address:Zehua Road, Huanghua Economic & Development Zone,Huanghua City, Hebei Province, China 061100
    HEBEI ANDY MOULD CO., LTD. (c)2015-2016 www.kentinew.com All Rights Reserved For the record:冀ICP备15029492号-1
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